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500 Lumen 5000K Dimmable F15 Post Lantern LED Bulb


Enjoy all the benefits of advanced LED energy-saving technology with the Feit ElectricBPF1560/850/FILED Post Latern LED Light Bulb. This 5000K daylight F15 shape bulb is dimmable, lights up instantly and is perfect for outdoor lighting.  The bulb replaces a 60-watt equivalent incandescent bulb, produces a similar light output (500 lumens) but only uses 6 watts of electricity or 90% less energy than a similar incandecent bulb.   Get instant on to full brightness with relatively cool running performance. Feit Electric bulbs have an average life of 15,000 hours /13.7 years are RoHS compliant and are 100% mercury free. Choose a dependable post lantern bulb for residential or commercial applications.


  • Saves approximately $89 in energy savings
  • Dimmable
  • Bulb for outdoor post lanterns
  • Latest LED technology


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